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People's MB Church

We are honored  to be featured in this National Wildlife Federation Video...

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The Prayer Park

Its Planting time at the Prayer Park! We are looking for community volunteers! 


During a time of so much uncertainty, the Prayer Park is  a great place to meditate and pray!


Interested in Volunteering? Select the contact tab and provide your information!


The Vision

Prayer is the cornerstone of re-building a community.

2 Chronicles 7:14



The Design

The circle represents eternity, unity and wholeness in Christ.  The path, by the cross, and outer perimeter of the circle consist of 2000 bricks (symbolizing the birth of Christ)

to the words:  “He Lives”



The Construction

The Park path and prayer circle was constructed by

Mr. Snow & Landscaping

Flower gardens by Ms. Toni Barnett


The Purpose

The purpose of the park is to allow members of the community to have a place to pray for their family and community or just sit in a peaceful environment.  


We are so excited to be a part of the Sacred Ground Project!! Thank you to Bea Miringu and the Environmental Services of the City of Toledo who will be assisting us in transforming our beautiful Prayer Park! 

The dedication of the Prayer Park was held on July 29, 2017. Members of the community gathered to fellowship and pray! There was a connection between the community and the Ministry and through this “Sacred Ground” continues to grow!

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What Keeps Us Going

We are excited about the work we will be doing in this community!!

God's Manifestation will reveal itself to those who walk in the Light!! 


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Morning Worship: 11:00 am


Bible Study: Wednesday @ 6:30 pm