People's MB Church
People's MB Church

Our Mission



Our Ministry belief rest upon the basic structure of life as ordained by God.  


  • Marriage  
  • Family  
  • Community  
  • Church


These units make up the primary foundations of human existence. When balance is achieved within the structure of life as set forth by God, then we can experience the life God intended for His People. EDEN


Our Vision


"When you learn better you live better, when you live better, you love better, when you love better we are all better”.

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People's M.B. Church

1101 Heston St

Toledo, OH 43607

Phone: (419) 243-0854


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What Keeps Us Going

We are excited about the work we will be doing in this community!!

God's Manifestation will reveal itself to those who walk in the Light!! 


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Regular Hours

We're here to welcome you!



Morning Worship: 11:00 am


Bible Study: Wednesday @ 6:30 pm